Obamacare Cited As New York Hospital Cut Jobs, Services

The Affordable Care Act is being cited as Eastern Niagara Hospital cut jobs and services in their New York facility.

Early last month, ENH announced that they would have to cut over 10% of their full time staff, as well as being forced to consolidate their inpatient care and surgical services.  Full-time staff will be cut from 560 to 500.

Chairman George V.C. Muscato, released a statement laying the blame on Obamacare:

“The Hospital reached this decision due to the statewide trend of declining inpatient hospitalizations, declines in reimbursement, and most recently, the impacts of the Affordable Care Act.”

60 full-time jobs out of 560, gone at least in part because of Obamacare.

A new report from WUTV-NY indicates that the hospital is in fact “losing most of it’s services.”

The situation has created controversy amongst the board of directors and the community.

Watch the report below…

Last month, one employee receiving a layoff notice was dismayed, saying “In two to three months, I’ll be losing my job and I’ve been there for going on three years.”

The CEO reiterated at that time that Obamacare was partially to blame as the reason that Eastern Niagara hospital cut jobs and services.

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