Obama White House Just Made A HUGE Admission About Hillary’s FBI Investigation

Within hours of President Obama endorsing Hillary Clinton, the president’s own press secretary finally admitted that the FBI’s investigation into her private email server is “criminal” in nature.

This is a major break from the Clinton campaign talking point – that the FBI simply conducting a “security review,” and flies in the face of her recent claims that an indictment “is not going to happen.”

When reporter James Rosen asked about a possible conflict in Obama’s endorsement of Hillary while an investigation is ongoing, Press Secretary Josh Earnest said “the President when discussing this issue in each stage has reiterated his commitment to this principle that any criminal investigation should be conducted independent of any sort of political interference.


He added that “people should be treated the same way before the law regardless of their political influence, regardless of their political party, regardless of their political stature and regardless of what political figure has endorsed them.”

You can watch the exchange below …


Via RedState:

One of the big fictions of the Hillary Clinton campaign just went off the rails. Ever since the email scandal broke, the Clinton machine has been adamant about was the fact that the investigation was an administrative one, where the nice FBI agents act as management consultants, rather than an investigation into criminal misconduct. You may recall, back in July, the Clinton camp bullied the New York Times into making a traction when they characterized the investigation as criminal.

This is hardly a slip of the tongue. The bad blood between Obama and the Clintons is legendary and maybe he decided to simply do what he had to do in light of Clinton obviously clinching the nomination while making it clear that he had washed his hands of her. This doesn’t mean that the fix isn’t in but it does mean that for the first time the White House has admitted that the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s email is criminal.

RNC spokesman Michael Short responded to the White House comments by saying their “admission that the FBI is investigating Hillary Clinton’s email server as a ‘criminal’ matter shreds her dishonest claim that it is a routine ‘security inquiry.’”

He added it “is another reminder of her reckless conduct as Obama’s Secretary of State, where her attempt to skirt government transparency laws exposed highly classified information and put our national security at risk.”

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