Former President Barack Obama returned to his ancestral home in Kogelo, Kenya on Monday, and declared he was appearing before them as a “citizen of the world.”

“Three years ago, I visited Kenya as the first sitting American president to come from Kenya,” Obama said as he addressed media at the Sauti Kuu Resource Centre, a multi-million-shilling youth center built by his half-sister Auma Obama netflixen op notebook.

“While three years ago my sister Auma introduced me before I gave a speech, today I’m really coming as a brother, as a citizen of the world,” he added, “as someone with a connection to Africa to talk about the importance of what she’s doing but also to create a larger context for what’s possible.”

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If he wants to be a citizen of the world first, American patriot second, he’s free to do so in his private life ninja spiele kostenlos downloaden. The problem being, he governed this way as President of the United States.

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In fact, during a trip to Europe in 2008, then-candidate Obama also told the world that he might be a citizen of the United States, but he is, more importantly, a “citizen of the world.”

“I speak to you not as a candidate for President, but as a citizen – a proud citizen of the United States and a fellow citizen of the world,” he declared winzipen gratis.

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President Teddy Roosevelt, explained in his “Citizenship in a Republic” speech in 1910, why it was essential for a person to be an American patriot first das tagebuch der anne frank kostenlos downloaden.

“I believe that a man must be a good patriot before he can be, and as the only possible way of being, a good citizen of the world,” Roosevelt said gratis schnittmuster kinder downloaden. “Experience teaches us that the average man who protests that his international feeling swamps his national feeling, that he does not care for his country because he cares so much for mankind, in actual practice proves himself the foe of mankind.”

He added, “The man who says that he does not care to be a citizen of any one country, because he is the citizen of the world, is in fact usually and exceedingly undesirable citizen of whatever corner of the world he happens at the moment to be in.”

That describes Obama to a tee, playing up crowds or bending to whichever far-left groups would promise to lead to more votes on any particular day https /


In a 2017 speech to the Heritage Foundation, veteran and Bronze Star recipient Pete Hegseth explained, “We need to unapologetically lead snipping tool windows 10 kostenlos herunterladen. Be willing to acknowledge that without America, there is no leader of the free world.”

Instead, he said, America embarked on a foreign policy under ‘citizen of the world’ Obama that consisted of  an “incoherent maze of interventions, non-intervention, surges and withdrawals, negotiations, high-stake raids.”

“It’s utterly incoherent and unknowable because America’s leadership doesn’t believe in America.”

Obama, Hegseth claimed, had it “in his blood to sort of not believe in America as a force for good.”

Now, under President Trump, not only does America’s leadership believe in America again, but so do its citizens.

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