Obama Visited Canada, And Canadian Lawmakers Chanted THESE 3 Words At Him

This – THIS – is why Canada can’t have nice things.

At the conclusion of President Obama’s speech to the Canadian Parliament, lawmakers shouted the three words guaranteed to leave Americans waking in cold sweats at night.

“Four more years!”

Bear in mind that Obama had just concluded a speech where, after having witnessed ISIS attacks in Orlando and Istanbul, declared global warming as our biggest national security threat.

Because who doesn’t want to see four more years of a man who doesn’t blink when a terrorist organization kills Americans, but frequently wets the bed over a hoax?

Via CNS News:

“Thank you very much,” Obama told Canada’s cheering lawmakers on Wednesday, as he concluded his speech on globalization, the new international order, and “universal values.”

The Canadian Parliament erupted in chants of “Four more years, four more years!”

Obama received two standing ovations before he even began speaking in Ottawa, one of them coming as his liberal counterpart, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, hailed “the lessons you taught us, not by executive order, but by example — that we are accountable…to each other.”

Excuse me for one moment.



Holy cow. Why would anyone have that level of adoration for a man who is a stuttering mess, believes global warming is a bigger threat than terrorism, and thinks there are 57 states? Is it any wonder Canada hasn’t figured out the difference between ham and bacon yet?

Just kidding, friends from the north.

At an earlier news conference, Trudeau actually lamented that it is “a little sad” that Obama will soon be retiring.

Sad for who? ISIS?

Sadly, it isn’t just Canadian lawmakers who fantasize about a third term for Obama. A full 67% of Democrats would rather see a third term for the president than an incoming Hillary Clinton.

More proof that the Democrats are no longer a party, but a cult.

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