Leave it to President Obama to use the occasion of a naturalization ceremony for legal immigrants, AND the Fourth of July, to push for legislation that will reward those who have ignored the sovereignty of our nation and entered illegally audible mp3 herunterladen.

Byron York reports:

President Obama marked the Independence Day holiday with a naturalization ceremony for immigrants who are serving in the United States military…

… But Obama did more than just welcome members of the military to American citizenship stellarium herunterladen kostenlos.  The naturalization ceremony took a political turn when the president defended his controversial decision to unilaterally enact some provisions of the DREAM Act — which would put illegal immigrants who came to this country at a young age on a path to citizenship, but which has failed to win passage in Congress — and also to renew his call for comprehensive immigration reform tkkg hörspiel kostenlos herunterladen.

“We’re still perfecting our union, still extending the promise of America,” Obama told the group.  “That’s why, as another step forward, we’re lifting the shadow of deportation from serving — from deserving young people who were brought to this country as children spanisch lernen herunterladen.  It’s why we still need a DREAM Act — to keep talented young people who want to contribute to our society and serve our country.  It’s why we need — why America’s success demands — comprehensive immigration reform.”

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How must it make a person feel, to have gone through the entire naturalization process over a series of years, to have followed the rules set forth by our nation’s laws to become a citizen of that nation, only to hear a congratulations speech from somebody which says that others who broke the law should get a free ride schnittmuster mütze kostenlosen?

What’s more American than pushing for illegal votes from illegal immigrants?

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Conservative columnist Michelle Malkin refers to the DREAM Act as “a 2.1 million future Democrat voter recruitment drive” and as just another part of the progressive plan to “redraw the political map and secure a permanent ruling majority.”  But that number could easily expand to upwards of 6 million over the next decade, according to a GOP report simcity 4 deluxe kostenlos vollversion.

Sound a little too conspiratorial?  Not so much…

Last election cycle saw the name Mi Familia Vota, a group that works in conjunction with the Service Employees International Union (SEIU), perpetually appearing in stories of voter fraud do not pdf but open chrome.

Fraud and illegal immigration — what’s a few laws between Dems?

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President and CEO of the Mi Familia Vota Education Fund (MFVEF), Cuc Vu, worked for nearly five years as Immigration Campaign Manager at the SEIU desktop wallpapers.  During that time, Vu worked closely with the SEIU’s newly minted international secretary-treasurer, Eliseo Medina.

Medina’s name should be familiar to Republicans pdf acrobaten.  While the media would like to portray Medina as a mild-mannered immigration advocate, he is actually a progressive with a dangerous immigration mindset herunterladen.

Medina sent an email to supporters a couple of years ago, expressing staunch support for the DREAM Act amnesty bill.

“It’s essential we urge all Senators to vote yes on the DREAM Act amendment,” he wrote.

The email fittingly closed with the phrase, “¡Si se puede!” or “Yes we can!”

The blanket amnesty of illegals in our country is not just important to Medina on a personal level, but it is a crucial part of the Democrat plan to regain power, and possibly re-elect President Obama in 2012.

Medina previously served as a member of Obama’s National Latino Advisory Council and as honorary chair of the Democratic Socialists of America.  As such, he used the platform of an America’s Future Now! Conference in 2009 to outline a plan for long-term Democrat rule through blanket amnesty.

“We reform the immigration laws; it puts 12 million people on the path to citizenship and eventually voters. If we have eight million new voters who care about, and will be voting, we will be creating a governing coalition for the long term.”

Republicans and Democrats sitting on the fence need to commit to voting “no” on this sham.  The DREAM Act could be the Obama administration’s dream come true, or a nightmare to law-abiding citizens of this nation.