Obama: No Strategy For ISIS, Detailed Strategy For Fundraisers

It was all fun and games for President Obama on the golf course for two weeks in Martha’s Vineyard, but now he’s back to work.  And back to work for the Commander-in-Chief as you know, means creating a strategy for dealing with ISIS.  Just kidding, Obama will be attending two fundraisers in New York this evening.

Via Breitbart:

President Obama has a busy Labor Day weekend planned as he leaves on Air Force One for New York later this afternoon.
Once in New York, President Obama is scheduled to attend two Democratic National Committee fundraisers in the area at private homes.

One of the fundraisers will be a Labor Day Barbecue, hosted by ex-UBS CEO Robert Wolf, who also golfed with the president on Martha’s Vineyard during their vacation.

He is also attending a fundraiser in Rhode Island, and making an appearance at a wedding for MSNBC journalist, Alex Wagner.

ABC news reports that the President’s lack of a plan to deal with ISIS is “creating a lot of concern.”

If Obama himself is concerned he’s not showing it, wining and dining elites at multiple fundraisers and a wedding celebration.

Republican National Committee Spokesman Michael Short issued the following statement:

“It speaks volumes that President Obama has a plan to try to save his senate majority but doesn’t have one to confront one of our nation’s biggest terrorist threats. With the next election always the top priority, is it any wonder this administration is always a step behind, whether it’s foreign policy or delivering tangible economic results for middle class Americans?”

Indeed, the President has gone from a foreign policy of ‘leading from behind’ to always being one step behind.

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