Is it any wonder that President Obama is the kind of leader, the kind of Commander-in-Chief, who needed four opportunities to make a decision on killing Osama bin Laden?

The President continued his time-honored tradition of dithering with terrorists who have declared war on America, at first claiming his goal is to destroy ISIS, only later to retract and say we must make their military a “manageable problem.”

Nothing like the courage of your convictions, eh Mr. President?

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Nothing beats watching George Stephanopoulos lead off by making the President sound like a war hawk, only to be refuted immediately by traveling White House reporter Jon Karl.

Stephanopoulus:  The President also laid out a bold goal, he said “the bottom line is, the U.S. goal is to degrade and destroy ISIS as a threat.”

Karl:  He backtracked significantly saying, “we can continue to shrink ISIS’s sphere of influence to the point where it is a manageable problem.”

Imagine for a moment, Ronald Reagan declaring Russia to be a “manageable problem” as opposed to an “evil empire.”

Rather than hearing Winston Churchill declare that “we shall fight on the beaches” we can imagine him saying ‘we shall fight until they become a manageable problem.’

The only ‘manageable problem’ America has in terms of foreign policy right now is sitting in the Oval Office.

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