Obama Regulatory Chief’s Resume Mentions Bain, His White House Bio Doesn’t

Now, why would the White House not want the American public to know that the new head of Regulatory Affairs had an early stint at Bain?  Probably because they’ve been working overtime in trying to portray the company as an evil, capitalist corporation with no regards to the feelings of employees.

President Obama’s campaign just loves to refer to rival Mitt Romney’s tenure at Bain Capital. They’ve made plenty of hay out of his time with the company (“home of the vulture capitalists!”), bringing it up at every turn possible.

But in one context, the White House dared not utter the B-word. President Obama named Boris Bershteyn to step in to head the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs after the departure of Cass Sunstein, but his official bio makes no mention of Bershteyn’s time at consulting firm Bain & Co. (that’s where Romney worked before founding the spinoff private equity firm Bain Capital).

According to his profile in LinkedIn, Bershteyn was an associate consultant at Bain & Co. in the early 2000s, before he got his Yale Law degree.

Does this mean that Bershteyn was also a big fan of ‘outsourcing’ jobs?  Was he a co-conspirator in the murder of Joe Soptic’s wife?  Or does this simply undermine the Obama campaign’s messaging about the evil that is Bain Capital and Mitt Romney?

Either way, the White House apparently had a reason for keeping this information from the public’s eyes.

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