Obama Offers Rock Solid Support For Barrett in Recall Election – Via Twitter

Usually the Democrat candidates are running away from Obama like he has the plague, this time the President is running from the candidate.  More specifically, he is running away from today’s recall election in Wisconsin.

The Huffington Post reports:

In the final hours before the Wisconsin recall, President Barack Obama reiterated his support for Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett, Democratic challenger to Republican Gov. Scott Walker, over Twitter.

“It’s Election Day in Wisconsin tomorrow, and I’m standing by Tom Barrett. He’d make an outstanding governor. -bo,” Obama said in a tweet Monday evening.

The underwhelming show of solidarity follows weeks of speculation around why the president, who has been traveling around the country for a host of fundraisers as part of his reelection bid, did not stop in Wisconsin to campaign for Barrett.

Governor Walker ripped into the President for shying away from Wisconsin, saying it shows “a real concern” on the left that the recall effort will fail.

“There is a real concern out there. For all the hype a year ago, you would have thought there is no way they can win. I knew once we hit September 1st, people in our state would see our schools were better, in December when property tax bills came out and they saw in many cases their bill went down, I knew it didn’t matter how many attack ads you could run, things like that people could see with their own eyes would trump all the attacks in the world,” Walker said. “I think why you have seen the national Democrats backing away is because as people have seen the facts they realize there was a lot of misguided anger.”

There are basic reasons Obama is avoiding Wisconsin.

First, Walker will likely win the election today and Obama doesn’t need to attach himself to a loser in Barrett.  

Second, this recall election represents everything the Democrats hold dear – they asked for this recall based on their belief in a union’s right to strangle a state’s economy.  Labor unions have poured millions into Walker’s defeat, and a loss deals a mighty blow to the liberal message.

Not being covered here is this – how will Obama’s lack of support translate to any union support of the President come November?  Union leaders and local Democrats have already expressed disgust with the President’s lack of support, and a tweet will do nothing to quell their anger.

Prediction – He is alienating yet another group that he needs desperately to beat Romney.

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