Obama – Let’s Power Africa With Soccer Balls

What, powdered unicorn dust didn’t poll well in Africa?

Not a parody…

Via the Weekly Standard (h/t Weasel Zippers):

White House aide Mike Froman explained the soccer ball idea to the press aboard Air Force One, as the pool report details:

Mr. Froman also talked about POTUS’s efforts to help bring reliable power to Africa, which will be the subject of an event in Tanzania on Tuesday morning. He noted as one example an invention designed to bring electricity to many of the small villages that are not connected to the grid.

POTUS will cite on Tuesday two women from Harvard who invented what’s called the “socket ball” — it’s a soccer ball that has a small electric generator inside a soccer ball. As kids kick it around all day, it generates electricity and stores it in a battery.

Mr. Froman said that he and Mr. Rhodes tested out the “socket ball” and that it will be demonstrated Tuesday (though it’s not clear that POTUS will kick the ball around or not.)

The pool reporter quotes Froman as saying, “Kids play soccer all day long. They take the thing, the ball home, and you can plug a lamp into it and they can read at night. Or they can plug a cell phone charger into it.”

That is some outside the box thinking right there.  Or outside the pitch.

Picture now, if you will, a President George Bush introducing a plan to power an entire continent, that involved plugging a lamp into a soccer ball.

SNL and Jon Stewart parodies would ensue for weeks…

Prediction – You won’t hear a word about this.

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