Obama Defends Anti-American Reverend Jeremiah Wright: He’s a “Supremely Gifted Preacher”

Former President Barack Obama said that attacks on Raphael Warnock over his connection with the anti-American Rev. Jeremiah Wright are “crazy stuff” as he defended Wright as a “supremely gifted preacher” who was simply taken out of context.

Haha, America, joke’s on you!

If you were one of the many suckers who were taken in by Barack Obama’s phony baloney attempts to explain away his onetime mentor’s anti-American screeds by characterizing him as “like an old uncle who says things I don’t always agree with,” you’ve been had.


The former president was a guest on “The Breakfast Club” on Wednesday where the topics ranged from America’s “imperfect democracy” (still slamming the country after all these years) to the flak Georgia Senate hopeful Rev. Raphael Warnock is taking for his own defense of Jeremiah Wright.

It was in the latter regard that Obama elected to touch on his own relationship with the bigoted cleric.

But what he had to say sounded very different from his explanation in 2007, which ultimately led him to sever ties with the Chicago church he had attended for several decades.

His real assessment of Jeremiah Wright is that he is a “supremely gifted preacher” whose words were taken out of context.

A video of the entire show follows, along with a transcript of the money part of his spiel.


Rev. Wright is an example of somebody who — supremely gifted preacher. Trinity United Church of Christ, obviously, outside Chicago had an amazing ministry, still does. And I was very close to a lot of people in that congregation as well as Rev. Wright.

In national politics, if you can take out a bunch of sound bites that say ‘God damn America,’ even if the context of it is prophetic and biblical and he’s trying to describe, you know, how somebody might feel — you know, he wasn’t promoting the notion that God was damning America. He was making a point that if you looked at slavery and discrimination you could see the conclusion of people feeling that there was not an alignment with Christian values and America.

Warnock defended anti-Semite and anti-American pastor Jeremiah “God damn America” Wright.

He said of Wright’s anti-American speech after 9/11 that it was simply a form of “truth-telling” and that the “social transformation that’s been the hallmark of Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s ministry” is “why we are happy to honor” him.

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