Obama Cuts Combat Pay to U.S. Troops

Here’s a demonstration of the importance of reading the fine print when there is any new policy presented by this administration.  The Shark Tank is reporting on a Marine who claims his combat pay has been eliminated despite being in a war zone, unless he or she is actively being shot at or in imminent danger.

President Obama’s latest policy outrage makes no attempt to hide his contempt for our military, as he is ordering that our troops serving overseas in war zones overseas are not to receive combat pay unless they are being shot at, or at risk of being injured by hostile aggression.  A Marine who lives in Florida has just posted a note on Facebook which stated that he received a letter from his MyPay account that he would only be receiving his Hazard pay (Imminent Danger Pay) if he is actually in a hostile area and at risk of being shot at.

Here is the Marine’s statement (language):

So I just got a letter from MyPay (the way we get paid in the military), saying that I will only (receive) Combat Pay while deployed for the days that I take fire or am in a hostile area. Now, as an Infantry Marine, I’m constantly in a combat zone…it may not always be popping off, but for them to take that away from us is bullshit. Now, the aviation tech who sits on Camp Leatherneck, sure, I can see him not getting Combat Pay, but to take it away from the grunts, the ground pounders, the front line of defense…come on, Uncle Sam. You let the Liberals win a big one here… Marine from Florida

This particular Marine is apparently stationed in Afghanistan.

Essentially, our service men and women can be in a combat zone for a month (just an example), and if they are shot at on three of those days, they will only receive three days worth of combat pay.

Please read more at The Shark Tank…

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