Barack Obama, sensing his signature healthcare policy is heading to the scrap heap of history, produced a faux straightlaced video to encourage followers to sign up for insurance prior to the Saturday deadline anki decks herunterladen.

The former president acknowledged his past efforts to promote Obamacare had been slightly goofy but acknowledged it was time to get ‘serious,’ while ultimately never doing so word download students for free.

Enrollment is down despite expert predictions otherwise, and Republican efforts to abolish the individual mandate, along with a booming economy and alternate plans are being cited as reasons for the downturn emoji for free.

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As such, Obama promised not to use past tactics which included appearing on the show Between Two Ferns with marginally amusing comedian Zach Galifianakis to push Obamacare herunterladen. Nor would he resort to videos of his smugness using a selfie stick to promote the healthcare plan.

“This year is different,” Obama says in a video that actually comes off as unintentionally more goofy than the others older itunes version.

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Trying to Save a Sinking Ship

The timing of Obama’s plea to save Obamacare signups comes just weeks after reports surfaced that enrollments are down a significant 13 percent over the same time period last year hasbro like is het bladen download.

The numbers took experts by surprise, with many predicting enrollments in Obamacare marketplaces would remain steady.

Instead, they cited several reasons for the dropoff, many of which had everything to do with the Trump administrations effort to take down Obama’s signature policy achievement free games.

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Celebrities have even tried to rescue the plunging enrollment numbers, with the likes of Jimmy Kimmel, Stephen Colbert, and Wanda Sykes pushing their fans to sign up to no avail herunterladen.

What’s Causing the Drop?

Politico cites several reasons for the decline in a report titledTrump may finally be undermining Obamacare.”

The report indicates that administrative agencies are putting less time and money into advertising the enrollment period download the app for free.

“This is affordable coverage that people need and want, but the reality is that the administration’s sabotaged open enrollment,” Leslie Dach, chair of Protect Our Care, a pro-Obamacare group, said.

But the column also notes a trio of other reasons for the change.

  • They cite Republican success in scrapping the wildly unpopular individual mandate as part of their 2017 tax cut package – the one Democrats will do their best to repeal.
  • They mention cheaper alternatives being offered by the Trump administration.
  • In addition, the incredible Trump economy is helping to dampen enrollment in the Obamacare exchanges.

The booming economy is also likely depressing enrollments. The unemployment rate is down about half a percentage point since last year’s sign-up season, which means some individuals who were enrolled in Obamacare plans are likely now covered through their jobs.

Thanks, Trump!


In The End, Obama Can’t Help Himself

Despite the gloom and doom surrounding Obamacare enrollment, the former President couldn’t resist one last effort at appealing to low-information millennials.

The video concludes with Obama wearing digital glasses as a rainbow backdrop appears.

“You’ve got a filter on me, don’t you?” Obama asks, joking that his staff was finding ways to make him seem cool.

What’s more important is that President Trump has installed a ‘filter’ on Obamacare, undermining Barack’s prized agenda during his tenure as President.

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