NYC Mayor Bill De Blasio Vows to Sue Trump If He Sends Illegals to His Sanctuary City

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio suddenly doesn’t appreciate the idea of criminal illegal aliens coming to his city, vowing to take the President to court if he acts on a plan to ship them there.

Last week, President Trump set the political world on fire after confirming reports that White House officials threatened to release illegal immigrants into sanctuary cities, then insisting he’s still considering doing so.

“Due to the fact that Democrats are unwilling to change our very dangerous immigration laws, we are indeed, as reported, giving strong considerations to placing Illegal Immigrants in Sanctuary Cities only,” Trump announced, adding this should make the “radical left … very happy.”

New York City’s most recognized communist, however, was shockingly displeased.

“It’s illegal. It is just plain illegal,” de Blasio seethed. “We will meet him in court. We will beat him in court.”

De Blasio then:

Illegals are welcome in our City.

De Blasio when his bluff is called and @POTUS states his intention to honor the Mayor’s invitation:

We will sue if illegals are brought to our City.


— Charles W. Burkett (@CharlesWBurkett) April 17, 2019


Raging Hypocrite

This must be that three-dimensional chess we’ve heard so much about when it comes to President Trump. He made one policy promise and criminal-loving Democrats suddenly pivoted to not wanting any criminals on their streets.

This is the same city that sued the Trump administration last year for putting restrictions on federal grants contingent with local law officials cooperation with ICE.

“We have proven, time and again, that welcoming immigrants has helped make this the safest big city in the country,” de Blasio said at the time.

Trump essentially announced ‘you want them, you’ve got them’ and suddenly de Blasio’s welcome mat got rolled up and tossed into a trunk in the attic.

It’s almost as if Democrat politicians are all raging hypocrites.

Is de Blasio a Racist?

De Blasio was at the forefront of a boycott of a scheduled meeting with President Trump last January, specifically citing the administration’s immigration policies.

“I will NOT be attending today’s meeting at the White House,” de Blasio proudly boasted, citing the President’s supposed “racist assault on our immigrant communities.”

We have to wonder – Is de Blasio’s insistence on keeping illegals out of his city a “racist assault”? Reporters should really ask him about that.

Why Now? De Blasio Loves Criminals

In January of 2017, the New York City mayor announced that simple theft would not be enough to warrant cooperation with ICE or deportation because the thieves might be “the breadwinner in that family.”

Yes, he actually said that.


Refusing to cooperate with federal authorities truly reared it’s ugly head when earlier this year an NYPD officer was attacked by five homeless men on a subway platform, one of whom had multiple detainer requests which were ignored by city officials.

Video of the attack went viral, mostly for the officer’s bravery and restraint in the face of those ill-intentioned men.

Kudos to this NY cop on his performance. His situation is a reminder to New Yorkers & their political leaders that NYC’s decline in the 70s & 80s began in the subways. The quality-of-life declines & warning signs are all there for it to happen once again.

— Bill Bratton (@CommissBratton) December 25, 2018


These are the kinds of criminals de Blasio has catered to for years. Until now. Until Trump called him out. Now he’ll fight tooth and nail to keep the President from making a political point at his expense.

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