NY Man Charged With Manslaughter For Shooting Armed Home Invader

It has come to this…

Surveillance footage shows a burglar opening fire into the home of a Long Island man, but that hasn’t stopped prosecutors from indicting the homeowner for returning fire and killing one of the intruders.

Via Long Island News:

A Huntington Station man has been indicted on manslaughter charges for shooting an alleged home burglar who later died, but his attorney says it’s a clear case of self-defense.

Youssef Abdel-Gawad says a man with a gun was attempting to break into his Huntington Station home back in August. His family shared surveillance video of the incident with News 12 Long Island, and in it, the alleged burglar is seen trying to enter a door. The burglar then pulls out a gun, and a flash is seen that appears to be the burglar firing a shot into the home.

Youssef Abdel-Gawad’s attorney says he came to the door with a rifle and returned fire at the burglar and his alleged accomplices, striking one of them. The accomplice later died.

You can see the surveillance footage which clearly shows one of the burglars brandishing a weapon, accompanied by a flash which indicates the gun was fired into the home.

Bearing Arms writes:

The prosecution is claiming that they couldn’t find a bullet embedded anywhere in the home to match the criminal’s apparent shot. Frankly, it’s irrelevant. As soon as the criminal displayed a weapon as he was attempting to break into the home, he justified the use of deadly force to repel his attack. It does not matter if the firearm fired a shot, or if the gun was even an airsoft gun.

Abdel-Gawad was forced into a situation where he had to defend his family with firearms by the actions of the criminal.

If anyone should be charged with manslaughter, it should be the criminal that displayed the firearm while attempting the home invasion, and no one else.

A separate report has authorities stating that Abdel-Gawad chased after the would-be burglars and shot them from behind as they were fleeing.  If somebody shoots at your family first, chasing after them should not be held against you.  This isn’t our trained military men and women being asked to show “courageous restraint.”  It is a civilian in his home protecting his family.

Abdel-Gawad was later released on $25,000 bail and is wearing a tracking device.

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