NY Judge Rules NSA Phone Surveillance is Legal

New York judge William Pauley, a Clinton appointee, has ruled that the massive phone surveillance system implemented by the NSA is perfectly legal.

Via the Associated Press:

A civil rights lawyer says the American Civil Liberties Union is very disappointed that a New York judge has found that a government program that collects millions of Americans’ telephone records is legal.

Attorney Brett Max Kaufman said the ACLU will appeal Friday’s ruling by federal Judge William Pauley in Manhattan. The judge concluded that the program was legal and a valuable part of the nation’s efforts to combat the threat of terrorism. The judge said the phone collection program only works because it collects everything.

Kaufman hopes to appeal based on an earlier decision by federal judge Richard Leon who ruled that the program was “almost Orwellian” and likely violates the United States Constitution, specifically the Fourth Amendment which prohibits unreasonable search and seizure without warrant or probable cause.

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