Big city Democrats are being indicted at what has to be record rates these days, but that’s simply a case of the same ol’ same ol’ youtube op ipad.

What is truly fascinating however, is watching these corrupt politicians get caught and subsequently wired up to drag down their colleagues with them.  And of course, to encourage lighter sentences from the feds herunterladen.

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Welcome to the sad, sad tale of Brooklyn Democrat John Sampson and Queens Democrat Shirley Huntley.

Huntley was arrested this past summer, amidst charges of evidence tampering, conspiracy in the fifth degree, and falsifying business records.  Not to mention claims that she used taxpayer money for fancy clothes and spa treatments … for her poodle can beed fortnite on ps3.

After accepting $1,000 in bribes, Huntley wore a wire and allegedly caught Sampson asking her to wield her influence to the benefit of a powerful businessman.  The FBI is also looking into a $100,000 loan from another business man who had already been charged with mortgage fraud facebook page.

Via the Daily News:

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A prominent Brooklyn state senator is the latest politician snared in a long-running federal corruption probe, with charges expected against him this week, the Daily News has learned yugioh devpro herunterladen.

Sen. John Sampson (D-Brooklyn), once among Albany’s most powerful politicians, is the senator identified in court papers as asking ex-Sen. Shirley Huntley (D-Queens) to wield her influence on behalf of a businessman holding a Kennedy Airport lease in March 2012 zoom für windows 10 herunterladen.

The businessman wanted to expand his lease, and Huntley arranged for him to meet with Port Authority officials, according to sources familiar with the case app on samsung TV.

She allegedly took $1,000 in bribes, court papers state — and then wore a wire to record meetings with seven elected officials while working as a federal informant you raise me up for free.

According to the sources, the FBI is examining a $100,000 “loan” to Sampson from one of his legal clients, Queens businessman Edul Ahmad, who is charged with mortgage fraud in an unrelated case treiber download kostenlos.

Ahmad also delivered a $40,000 “loan” to U.S. Rep. Gregory Meeks (D-Queens) in a deal first exposed by The News.

Sampson turned himself in this morning and will be arraigned in Brooklyn Federal Court later today microsoft office powerpoint kostenlos herunterladen.

Last month, Bronx Democrat Eric Stevenson was arrested on federal corruption charges when yet another already-indicted Democrat, Nelson Castro, went undercover in an attempt to cooperate with authorities.

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Stevenson, perhaps presciently, was caught on tape claiming that, ‘if they were ever caught, half of Albany would be in prison’.

As the sports phrase goes – it’s early yet.  We’ve only hit May thus far, and I’m sure more indictments will be handed down before the end of the year.