NY Dem Wants to Ensure Business Of Killing Babies ‘Thrives’

Despite videos showing Planned Parenthood executives bartering over baby parts, discussions of retrieving organs while the baby is still alive, and doing so all in the name of getting a ‘Lamborghini,’ one New York Democrat is fighting tooth and nail to keep the unregulated abortion mills in business.

As Congress debates the merits of defunding the organization so as to ensure that they never use federal taxpayer dollars to perform abortions, Assemblyman Keith Wright is pushing back up legislation that will force New York taxpayers to make up for the lost funds.

Wright added that he’d like to see Planned Parenthood not simply survive, “but thrive.”

Via the Observer:

Assemblyman Keith Wright told the Observer at a rally in support of the clinics that the state should make up the difference in financing if Planned Parenthood’s federal cash is cut off. In the wake of a series of undercover videos showing Planned Parenthood officials casually discussing the deliberate preservation of aborted fetal tissue for use by research facilities, a number of lawmakers in the Senate and House GOP majorities have refused to pass a spending bill to keep parts of the federal government running unless it cuts off federal dollars for the company.

“If Planned Parenthood were defunded, we would have to make sure it not only survives, but thrives,” the Manhattan legislator told the Observer, highlighting that the organization has its roots in a Brooklyn clinic founded by Margaret Sanger in 1916. “On its 100th anniversary we want to celebrate. We’re fighting for the home team here.”

Yes, celebrating one full century of killing babies.  Talk about dancing on the graves of the unborn.

Charlie Rangel, Wright’s Democrat colleague said that funding Planned Parenthood is about the “salvation of our nation.”

Rangel noted that this was a fight about “mothers, your sisters and your daughters” without noting a hint of irony in that abortions kill your sisters and daughters, and prevent you from becoming a mother.



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