NY Bookstore: Please Buy Cuomo’s Book, Give It To Someone You Hate

A New York City bookstore has come up with a creative means to promote and sell Governor Cuomo’s new memoir, All Things Possible.

After selling a mere 945 copies in it’s first week of sales, The Strand bookstore is trying to push the literary abomination out the doors with any means necessary.  Even marketing it as so bad, you should spend money on the book and give it to someone you hate.

Via the Daily News:

With the holidays right around the corner, one of New York’s most storied bookshops says there’s no better way to express your hatred than with the gift of… Gov. Cuomo.

The Strand, famously home to 18 miles of books, is promoting Cuomo’s new memoir, “All Things Possible,” with an appeal to animosity.

“Best gift for the person you love to hate,” screams an all-caps sign prominently displayed over a copy of the incumbent’s tome.

If the Strand is like other booksellers, they’re probably struggling to come up with creative ways to unload more copies of the Cuomo book — which is being trashed online by hordes of gun-rights advocates.

You can hardly blame the bookstore.  Governor Cuomo himself has struggled to find ways to get people to read his book, pitching it to possible Ebola victims during their quarantine.

As bad as the 945 copies for the first week were, the second week was exponentially worse.

The New York Times reports, “sales of Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo’s memoir fell by more than 43 percent to 535 copies in its second week on shelves.”

The Times tried to provide cover saying Hillary Clinton’s memoir fell by a similar percentage.

Sounds reasonable, until you realize Clinton sold 48,000 copies the second week, a difference of 47,465 copies.


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