CaptureEver wanted to visit one site that collects all of the misery that is Obamacare design pro programm kostenlosen?  Do we have the resource for you.

The NRCC (National Republican Congressional Committee) has created a website that collects and disseminates all of the failures of the President’s health care reform in one place microsoft word 2010 download kostenlos deutsch.

The new microsite is called,

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The NRCC has even gone through great lengths to make you feel comfortable with the feeling of general failure – with the homepage opening up to a “404 error” page … on purpose horse life kostenlos downloaden.

If you wish to make yourself miserable by reading about the most colossal train wreck in government history, then feel free to click through the error message herunterladen.  You’ll be whisked away to a land known as Living Under Obamacare, a frightening trek to be sure.

Here, you’ll learn about the higher premiums Americans will experience under Obamacare, the sky-rocketing taxes we’ll be paying, the reduced level of care, and the jobs lost at the hands of health care reform steam modsen.

But even more than simply being a resource, the site is interactive, allowing Americans to tell their own horror stories about Obamacare.

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The NRCC writes:

“The NRCC is continuing to use innovative tools to communicate with Americans why can't I on sky go. This unfair delay in the ObamaCare mandate gives us a unique opportunity to ask Americans across the country how ObamaCare and its mandates, regulations and taxes are hurting them and their families – and we’re giving them the microphone to tell their own story.”

Jazz Shaw at Hot Air adds:

Regular readers are no strangers to the stories we’ve already told about how this dysfunctional implementation of a dysfunctional, “comprehensive” bill is affecting regular Americans – even union workers – but it seems as if the recent delays in implementation have provided the impetus for people to begin gathering their own tales of how this is affecting them herunterladen. And with the NRCC’s new initiative, you can join in.

Have you seen your own premiums going up and covered benefits going down? Are you an employer who has been forced to make unpleasant choices in order to comply with new mandates download children's games for free? Or, perhaps, you’re just worried about what’s going to happen to your ability to pay your rent or mortgage after the individual mandate kicks in. Sign on and share gba roms. It’s not like it’s going to cost you anything. And if you’re on Twitter, use the hashtag, #DelayMyMandate.

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Shaw is correct – even union workers are getting buyer’s remorse when it comes to Obamacare einkommensteuererklärung 2017 kostenlosen.  Three big unions have recently written an open letter to Democrats, writing that the ObamaCare “vision has come back to haunt us” and attacking the law’s “perverse incentives” and “nightmare scenarios.”  Even the staunchest supporters of the health law are now demanding action to stop ObamaCare.

Will you demand the same action?  Will you demand that they stop this train wreck?