During his speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), executive vice president of the National Rifle Association Wayne LaPierre said that if he ever had to face President Obama in a one-on-one gun debate he “would clean his clock.”

Back in early January, the NRA was invited to a town hall style discussion on Obama’s executive actions limiting the Second Amendment, but they declined because LaPierre would like a debate with “no pre-screened questions and no gasbags answers.”

Under those conditions, LaPierre explains, “I would clean his clock and he knows it.”

He then claimed that the President’s knowledge of the Second Amendment “couldn’t fill a thimble.”

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Via Mediaite:

“You know, President Obama, he’s never going to debate me on guns,” LaPierre said. “His knowledge on that issue couldn’t fill a thimble and he knows it. I would clean his clock and he knows it.”

“So he’ll keep hiding behind his podium in rigged appearances, like all the other truth-dodging politicians, and then he’ll lecture us on what’s wrong with our rights,” LaPierre said. “While day by day all over this country, more and more people grow more and more disgusted, enraged and determined to just throw them all out.”

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