Dina Temple-Raston is an award-winning journalist serving as a Counterterrorism Correspondent for National Public Radio.  Temple-Raston recently spoke with officials about the Boston Marathon attack, and based on those conversations came up with a very questionable analysis.

Via Revealing Politics:

While most news outlets have managed to somewhat temper the all too common blame game that occurs after attacks such as the one that occurred mere days ago in Boston, NPR decided to go all in on who may have perpetrated such a violent crime.

Here’s the transcript:

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Well, officials told us that they have some promising leads though no actual smoking gun.  They expect this case will take weeks, not months to solve.

Pretty harmless so far, right?

The thinking, as we’ve been reporting, is that this is a domestic, extremist attack.

Certainly still up for debate at this stage of the game, but still not too bad.

And officials are leaning that way, largely because of the timing of the attack.

Now, this is the point where we find out A) What makes an extremist? and B) Why the timing is important to those involved in question A.   Temple-Raston interjects her own analysis to answer those difficult questions.

A) –

April is a big month for anti-government and right-wing individuals.

B) –

There’s the Columbine anniversary.  There’s Hitler’s birthday.  There’s the Oklahoma City bombing.  The assauly on the Branch Dividian compound in Waco.

Just to summarize:  Right-wingers are likely responsible for the Boston Marathon terrorist attack because they are celebrating Columbine and Hitler’s birthday.

Listen for yourself…