U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley, balked at offering an apology to the African continent for President Trump’s recent “s***hole countries” comment.

Haley, meeting with the African Group at the United Nations, cited the fact that she wasn’t present at the meeting and could, therefore, be unsure of what was actually said.

Last Friday, the African Group demanded an apology and retraction of the President’s “outrageous, racist and xenophobic remarks.”

Demands don’t really fly with this administration …

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This isn’t to say Haley refused to address the situation. She handled it rather diplomatically, as she’s been known to do during her time serving this administration.

According to Equatorial Guinea’s U.N. ambassador Anatolio Ndong Mba, Haley let the contingent from Africa know that “Africa is very important for the United States.”

She also addressed such matters as combating terrorism and the spread of HIV on the continent.


Ndong Mba described the meeting as very “friendly,” adding that Haley regrets the situation that has arisen from Trump’s closed-door comments being released and the media going apoplectic in response.

“She regretted all this situation that has been created,” he said. “She said she regretted that a lot.”

“We do hope that that (apology) will come,” Ndong Mba concluded, noting that President Trump is set to meet with African leaders at a summit in Ethiopia in just a couple of weeks.


Haley assured the 54-nation African Group that President Trump “always has been talking very high of Africa.”

“We appreciate the fact that she came, and she talked about all the cooperation between the United States and Africa, and that Africa is very important for the United States,” Ndong Mba said.

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