Nike Donates Three Times As Much to GOP Than Democrats

With leftists have been singing the praises of Nike’s new push to prop up social justice ‘warriors’ like Colin Kaepernick, a new analysis reveals that the company has donated more than three times more to Republicans this election cycle than Democrats.

Have liberals been duped?

The company has been seeking the anti-cop niche of the over-priced sneaker market by adding Kaepernick to their list of celebrity spokespeople – particularly on their ‘Just Do It’ campaign. The decision has sparked backlash on social media and some complaints from investors.

For the left, however, adding a cop-hating, America-loathing, dictator-loving, pretend social justice warrior, is the perfect selling point. As a result, they’ve willingly forked over money as a means to thumb their nose at people like President Trump.

But one has to wonder if Nike actually supports them or just wants their money? Do they stand behind the anti-cop message, or support the pro-law enforcement Republican party?

The news might surprise you and Kaepernick fans alike.

Nike Just Did It For Republicans

An analysis by OpenSecrets News reveals political spending by the sports apparel company favors Republicans this election cycle. And by a wide margin.

Although Nike appears to send a specific socially conscious message in the cultural realm, in the political world Nike employees and its PAC contributed $424,000 to the Republican party and its candidates in the 2018 election cycle, compared to only $122,000 to the Democrats — the party typically associated with ‘progressive’ values today.

In fact, between the years 2010 to today, the company has consistently donated more to the GOP than the Democrat party. The only anomaly in that department was in 2016.

Nike gave over $400,000 to Republicans in this election cycle and only a little over $100,000 to Democrats.

— Honor (@honorwilliams17) October 9, 2018


A good portion of the donations come from company co-founder Phil Knight and his family. This past month, Knight wrote the campaign of state Rep. Knute Buehler, a Republican running for governor in Oregon, a $1 million check for his November general election challenge.

Libs Aren’t Happy With Nike

“Phil Knight is … a rich white man,” writes Stephen A. Crockett at The Root. “And rich white men are always going to support other rich white men.”

He went on to complain that both Nike and New Balance overwhelmingly support the Republican party. Indeed, New Balance employees have given most of their political contributions to conservative outside groups and Republicans, even more so than Nike.

“Nike,” Crockett complains, “the big company with the conscience, is in line with white supremacy’s favorite sneaker New Balance.”

Because Republicans you see, by supporting law enforcement, are ‘white supremacists.’

Will Conservatives View Nike Differently?

Perhaps those conservatives burning their Nike shoes and socks will reconsider upon learning that the company actually supports the GOP.

Or maybe they won’t, recognizing that the message Kaepernick sends – kneeling before the flag and protesting law enforcement – is a bridge too far.

Either way, knowing that money brought in by Colin Kaepernick is going to support Republicans has to bring a smile to your face. With that in mind, enjoy this pro-MAGA version of the Nike commercial.

The Nike commercial MAGA deserves.

— Carpe Donktum? (@Carpedonktum) September 6, 2018


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