Newspaper Editor Claims Easiest Way to End ‘Trump Catastrophe’ Is to Assassinate Him

Assassination jokes are becoming all the rage for the left. From Madonna fantasizing about blowing up the White House to teachers acting out shooting the President in class, and now onto a major newspaper editor declaring the only way out of the Trump administration is through murder, the left has come completely unhinged.

Saying he will do “untold damage to Europe,” the editor and publisher for the most widely read German weekly newspaper said the only way to “stop Trump” is to have a “murder in the White House.”

Josef Joffe, whose Die Zeit newspaper is read weekly by more than 2 million people, was fielding questions from a panel when one caller asked the best “way out of the Trump catastrophe.”

One panelist began fielding the question by discussing impeachment possibilities before the end of Trump’s first term.

“A lot would have to happen for it, we’re far away from that,” she explained.

Joffe interjected, “Murder in the White House, for example.”

Via the Daily Caller:

Joffe joined panel show ARD-Presseclub to answer questions from the public. A viewer called in to ask if it was possible to impeach President Donald Trump and end the “catastrophe.”

“There has to be a qualified two-thirds majority of the Senate in order for a removal of office to take place,” a female panelist responded. “These are politically and legally pretty high hurdles, a lot would have to happen for it, we’re far away from that.”

Joffe then jumped in with a calm response.

“Murder in the White House, for example,” he said.

Another panelist laughs at Joffe’s assassination suggestion, while the woman shot back, “Josef, remain serious.”

Imagine any of these journalists, Hollywood elites, or public educators made these threats against Barack Obama. They’d be interviewing with the FBI almost immediately, and rightfully so.

Instead, these threats will simply be laughed off as a product of insane leftists.

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