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New York Times Tells Google to Hide Results On Hillary’s Health Issues

Hillary Clinton may or may not be physically ill as many websites, including the present one, have posited. But when it comes to the New York Times, there can be no question. The Old Gray Lady has been turning a sicklier shade of pale for decades.

So fevered has the paper of record become that its technology columnist Farhad Manjoo called on Google to rig its search algorithm to hide evidence of Hillary Clinton’s failing health. On Sunday he tweeted:

What could be less appropriate than a news outlet — and especially one of the magnitude of the Times — advocating that information of any kind be censored. Liberals have attacked Republican nominee Donald Trump, and rightly so I believe, for the same offense.

I wouldn’t expect the Times to print any of the stories that have circulated regarding Clinton’s health,some of them offering opinions by respected medical authorities, such as Dr. Drew Pinsky. That would run counter to the Times’s goal of getting Clinton elected, even if she is to sick to serve. But trying to suppress these stories is over-the-top even for the once-justifiably proud Times.

(h/t Patrick Howley, Breitbart)

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