New York Times Can’t Remember Party Affiliation of Ex-Detroit Mayor Sentenced to 28 Years In Prison

To paraphrase a line from my good friend B. Spears, ‘Oops, the New York Times did it again!’

What journalistic crime has been committed this time?  How about, selective memory when it comes to a Democrat running afoul of the law.

Picture this if you will.  The ex-Mayor of a major U.S. city has been sentenced to jail for “a corruption scandal so vast that prosecutors say it helped accelerate Detroit’s march toward bankruptcy.”   The MSM reports on the situation, but fails to mention the ex-Mayor’s party affiliation anywhere in the article.  This makes it a foregone conclusion – the former Mayor is a Democrat.

While it is common place for the MSM to avoid mentioning the word ‘Democrat’ in a headline involving someone being charged, indicted, or sent off to jail, it is taking it a giant step further when they fail to mention it all together.

Contrast this with a 2008 story surrounding the indictment of Senator Ted Stevens.  The New York Times article in this instance mentioned party affiliation – Republican – 12 times.

Yet somehow the Times’ journalistic integrity (*cough*) seems to have evaporated at the prospect of mentioning a controversy involving a Democrat.

In fact, the word ‘Democrat’ appears in their article about Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick roughly zero times.  Give or take.

Therefore, I would like to offer the MSM a few suggestions as to how they could have included a mention of Mr. Kilpatrick’s party affiliation throughout the article.

We’ll start simple – Kwame Kilpatrick is a Democrat.  There, we said it.  It’s out in the open now.  No need to be ashamed.

Let’s try something a little bolder – Kwame Kilpatrick addressed the 2004 Democratic National Convention.  Risqué, I know.

But now that we’ve jumped in head first, let’s explore some other options.  I shall lay it all on the line for you New York Times.

Kilpatrick, a Democrat, was once investigated for a wild party involving strippers at his city-owned mayoral mansion.  A stripper who claimed to have performed at The Manoogian Mansion party was a victim of what one member of the Detroit Police Department dubbed a ‘deliberate hit.’  It has also been reported that Kilpatrick made use of a Detroit Police motorcycle for his own personal use.  He was also embroiled in a lawsuit involving police officers claiming to have been fired for investigating his personal affairs.  Oh, and did we mention that he had a sexual affair with his chief of staff in 2002 and 2003?

Somehow, the Times was unable to find this information after the hours of extensive research that I’m sure were poured into the article.  Not surprising they missed it however, having also been unable to find the ‘D’ on their keyboards.

I’d be willing to bet though, that if this were a Republican Mayor, every controversial item in their lives since birth would poke out from within the report.

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