New York Senate Had Less Than 2 Hours to Read Gun Control Bill

By comparison to the fiscal cliff bill, New York Senators had eons to read over the SAFE Act that was passed and signed into law last week.

In reality, anyone of sane mind and body recognizes that Governor Cuomo went out of his way to ram gun control legislation down the collective throats of New Yorkers for political expediency.

He circumvented New York’s Constitution which has an amendment requiring a three-day public review of all laws.

So how much time did the New York State Senate have to review a bill that introduces sweeping new gun control laws?

Less than two hours.

In the video above, New York State Senator Terry Gipson says he’s voting ‘Yes’ to a bill that was introduced less than two hours earlier.

Gipson:  I’m grateful to have this opportunity to talk about this bill tonight.  I think it’s important that the voters know that it’s been only about two hours since we’ve had the chance to look over the details of this bill, and I myself, as a newly elected official here, who came here to participate in democracy … I find it unfortunate that we’re not having the chance to debate this bill with all the senators here.  I frankly think that with all the talent in this room on both sides of the aisle, we could have done a lot better, and I hope that in the future, on future bills, we will have a chance to do better.

Assemblyman Steve McLaughlin tells the Mental Recession that two hours is a very favorable estimate.

“They didn’t even have two hours,” he said.  “They had the bill for much less than that.  About thirty minutes.”

Despite the rush, these Senators, of whom Democrats are taking credit for the bill, voted yes.

State Republican Chairman Ed Cox says New Yorkers should be worried about this power grab and usurpation of the Constitution.

“The way Mr. Cuomo is governing in Albany should raise serious concerns among New Yorkers who cherish the democratic process — even among those who agree with the Governor on the issues,” he said.

Republican Senator Kathy Marchione added:

“… the Second Amendment Constitutional freedoms of every New Yorker were weakened by passage of restrictive new gun control. As shortsighted as the new gun control policy is, the hasty process used to adopt it was even worse. It was a shame that a Message of Necessity was used to rush this important measure through without a single public hearing or the proper time to carefully review the bill and consider alternatives. This is not how democracy is supposed to function. More time, more discussion, more dialog would have allowed our constituents to have a greater voice in this process and for legislators to hold town hall meetings and hear directly from the people they serve.”

Instead, they voted yes and likely never even read the bill.

This isn’t democracy, folks.

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