New York Republican Chairman Endorses Trump For President

Having just scored a major landslide victory in New York, Donald Trump just landed himself a major endorsement as well.

Ed Cox, the state’s Republican chairman, announced his support for the Republican front-runner saying he “has energized Americans” and “is exactly what we need after two failed terms of President Obama.”

Via the Observer:

Two days after Donald Trump’s landslide victory in New York, the state’s Republican chairman announced today he was endorsing the billionaire real estate developer for president.

Ed Cox, an establishment-friendly Republican and the son-in-law of Richard Nixon, said Mr. Trump has “shown remarkable political skill that has energized Americans who have felt disenfranchised by a government that hasn’t worked for them.”

“He has a record of cutting through bureaucratic dysfunction and his message to ‘Make America Great Again’ is exactly what we need after two failed terms of President Obama,” Mr. Cox said.

Cox establishment ties make the endorsement a bit of a surprise. Especially in light of the fact that Politico just described him last week as “a card carrying anti-Trump member of the establishment.”

Cox however, appeared to be hinting that he’d play nice with Trump at the New York State Republican gala.

“I love all our candidates,” he said. “Especially the frontrunner.”

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