During a DREAM Act debate on the Assembly floor, New York Democrat Phil Ramos chastised a Republican colleague for using the phrase ‘illegal immigrant,’ saying the word ‘illegal’ is, in his opinion, “a racist word.”

Assemblyman Steve McLaughlin posted the video to social media and warned,  “your head may explode as you try to follow the ‘logic’ of my colleague.”

After explaining that “modern day racism” is done with a calculator, Ramos declared that opposition to immigration reform such as the DREAM Act is “skewed against one particular group of minorities.” The implication being that immigration reform unfairly targets Hispanics.

Also, you heard that right – calculators are racist.

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McLaughlin responded that “this is not against any particular group because if you’re a Russian illegal immigrant here, I don’t want you getting in-state tuition and all this DREAM Act stuff either.”

That’s when the debate really got heated.

Ramos asked “who are the largest number of immigrants in the country?”

McLaughlin requested that he clarify if he meant “illegal immigrants.”

“You use what I consider a racist word, I don’t use the word illegal,” Ramos responded.

McLaughlin asked in an exasperated tone, “What’s racist, illegal?!”

Ramos explained that he personally uses the term ‘undocumented,’ to which McLaughlin countered “you can consider it whatever you want, are they here illegally or not?”

McLaughlin then argued with the Speaker who tried to interrupt the debate.

“You can’t throw out the word, you can’t just call me racist and expect me not to respond to it,” he charged.

Watch the fireworks below, which starts at about the 6:30 mark …