Because he didn’t receive enough ridicule from his first proposal to ban tackle football for kids under 11, Democrat Assemblyman Michael Benedetto has announced an amendment to his law, raising the age for the ban to kids 14 and under.

Via the Times Union:

Citing new evidence on the vulnerability of children’s brains to even non-concussive blows, Assemblyman Michael Benedetto announced this morning that he’ll amend his bill banning organized tackle football for youth to apply to all kids 14 and younger — up from 11 in the original text introduced in February.

The news came as the Bronx Democrat — joined in the LOB press room by a concussion expert from Boston University — also announced he’ll introduce a bill to similarly ban the practice of “heading” in organized youth soccer for the same reasons.

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“It’s America’s favorite sport for good reason. It’s a wonderful game. It teaches the players some wonderful life experiences — discipline and team work and working together and leadership skills,” Benedetto said. “But with all this there’s no denying that it’s also a very violent sport, prone to many dangers. … It is a sport where on every  single play the object is to hit somebody, to tackle somebody and to bring somebody down to the ground — often those hits can be extremely violent.

Captain Obvious also announced he would introduce a similar measure banning the act of ‘heading’ during soccer games.

No word on whether or not he would also mandate bubble wrap as the choice for statewide school uniforms, or if he would sign a law requiring all parents to hold their children’s hands until they are 25.

And what of the scourge of bounce houses?