New Video on Hillary: ‘Caught Lying Again’

Today the Republican National Committee (RNC) released “Caught Lying Again,” a new video exposing Hillary Clinton’s constant dishonesty to the American people. The video comes on the heels of a court filing confirming that Clinton failed to turn over thousands of work-related emails, as well as her scurrilous attempt to blame former Secretary of State Colin Powell for her email scandal.

“Hillary Clinton’s pattern of dishonesty and unethical behavior knows no bounds, and there’s no doubt we will see more of the same if she’s elected president,” said RNC Chairman Reince Priebus. “The American people deserve better than Hillary Clinton’s ongoing deception, and with Election Day less than three months away, the State Department should expedite the review of these emails and release them in full so that voters can hold her accountable and make a fully informed choice in November.”

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