New Video: Chaos At The DNC

Yesterday, the Republican National Committee released “Chaos At The DNC,” a video highlighting a Democrat National Convention which has been in disarray from day one. Whether it’s Democrats ditching DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Shultz, massive street protests over the rigged Democrat system, or loud boos from the convention floor at the mention of Hillary Clinton, nothing is going according to plan at the DNC, and their claims to party unity are ringing hollow.

“The Democrat convention has been a mess in every way, and the backlash coming from the grassroots at a rigged and corrupt system within their party shows Democrats won’t be uniting any time soon,” said RNC Communications Director and Chief Strategist Sean Spicer. “With so many Dems still feeling the Bern and rejecting Hillary Clinton’s cronyism, it’s clear the Democrat Party is moving quickly to the extreme left and leaving mainstream America behind in the process.”

View the accompanying RNC Research piece here.

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