New Jersey Governor Lends Help to Astorino Campaign …

… Just not that New Jersey Governor.

Former New Jersey governor, Christine Todd Whitman, distributed a fundraising e-mail on behalf of New York’s Republican candidate Rob Astorino.  In the letter, Whitman explained that New Yorkers are watching jobs and families flee the state due to it’s high tax rates and over-burdening regulations.


A former New Jersey governor is lending some help to Rob Astorino — even if current Gov. Chris Christie won’t.

Former Republican Gov. Christine Todd Whitman penned a fundraising email sent Wednesday morning in support of Astorino. He is running for governor of New York against the better-known and better-funded Andrew Cuomo.

In the email to her New York neighbors, Whitman says New York is losing jobs and families because of its high taxes and regulation.

She says Astorino can win the election, despite trailing in the polls.

Current governor of New Jersey, Chris Christie, has not only refused to lend support to Astorino’s campaign, but has offered an unwritten agreement with Governor Cuomo to not discuss any of their ethics issues.

Earlier this week, Mitt Romney also made a pitch on behalf of Astorino, and blasted Cuomo for being just “a typical corrupt New York politician.”

Cuomo has been dogged by scandal and his administration under federal investigation for unethically interfering with an ethics panel he created.

Romney joins other notable Republicans in aiding Astorino’s campaign, including Rick Perry, Jeb Bush, and Bobby Jindal.

Meanwhile, Chris Christie has remained silent on the race, other than calling Rob Astorino’s campaign a “lost cause.” Christie is the head of the Republican Governor’s Association (RGA), a group who lists it’s primary mission as helping “elect Republicans to governorships throughout the nation.”

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