New Guide Shows Illegal Immigrants How to Get Free Government Cell Phones

A new 36-page e-book, purports to guide “undocumented immigrants” through the many numerous manners in which they can receive free government cell phones.  Otherwise known as Obamaphones.

The book is produced by a website called, which is run by a man named Mark Henry.  Henry had been linked to another pro-Obamaphone website prior to the election, which featured flattering imagery of candidate Obama, gave him credit for spreading the wealth around, and served as a campaign propaganda tool.

In fact, the new guide for illegal immigrants doesn’t hide their love of the program, or their love of the man who, while he may not have originated the idea, has exponentially expanded it into a multi-billion dollar welfare program.

The book’s dedication reads (h/t Dan):

This book is dedicated to President Barack Obama,
Who didn’t start the free government cell phone program,
But whose name will be forever linked to what
Is now known as the “Obamaphone.”

The guide shows undocumented immigrants how to get a “free American government cell phone” with “free minutes” every month.

And there are many avenues with which to accomplish this.  In fact, there are 8 separate chapters on how to receive the Obamaphones:  Medicare, Low Income Energy Assistance Programs, public housing assistance, food stamps and SNAP, WIC, TANF, native American programs, and simply by having a low income.

While the book explicitly tells readers not to break laws by applying for certain programs, it certainly does so with a wink and a nod.  Not to mention, it does so without a hint of irony in the fact that entering the country illegally does mean you’ve already broken immigration laws.  At one point, the initial chapter explores the question of legality, saying that yes, technically undocumented immigrants should not be able to apply for the financial aid programs that will allow a free cell phone, but since the laws aren’t enforced and that “federal and state governments are looking the other way”, so why not sign up?

The focus of the e-book is clearly on their illegal immigrant readers, and thus touts the program as being free, free, free.  The reality however, is that the program is paid for by legal citizens, every month, in a fee tucked inside their cell phone service provider’s bill.

$2.2 billion has to come from somewhere and in this case, it just so happens to come from cell phone customers who have actually entered the country legally.

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