New Ad Rips Tim Bishop For Pay-To-Play Scheme

A new ad released by the NRCC is out ripping Tim Bishop for his pay-to-play scheme, and his efforts to blatantly lie to voters in his own television ads.

NRCC Spokesman Ian Prior released the following statement:

As if it weren’t bad enough that Tim Bishop shook down a constituent for $10,000, Bishop also has the gall to lie to voters about it in his television ads. The fact is, Bishop will say anything to keep his job and Long Island families deserve better than a lying, corrupt Congressman.

The New York Post addressed the shakedown, calling it “a bribe.”

Rep. Tim Bishop has been a very bad bar mitzvah boy.

Hedge-fund investor Eric Semler needed a government permit to put on a fireworks show celebrating his son’s Jewish rite, so he asked the Long Island Democrat for help.

As Politico reported last week, Bishop interceded with five city, state and federal agencies — but, before the favor was done, asked for a hefty contribution from Semler.

What Bishop provided is known in Washington as “constituent services.”

What he reportedly asked for in return is known everywhere as a bribe.

The hedge fund investor and his wife both gave Bishop a $5,000 contribution for his troubles.

Watch the ad below …


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