Nebraska Democrats Planted Voter Registration Forms in Gift Baskets for Refugees

The Nebraska Democratic Party dropped voter registration forms into gift baskets being provided to new refugees, and now one lawmaker is demanding “corrective action” be taken.

A Facebook video posted in mid-March showed envelopes with the Democrat Party’s logo being placed in baskets going to non-citizens.

Chairwoman Jane Kleeb explained, “Inside each basket, there’s also a letter from the Nebraska Democratic Party welcoming the family to Nebraska.”

“It’s signed by me as chair of the party—and then we include a sticker in there for them to put on their car, and also include the voter registration form and just has our contact information in case they want to reach out and have any questions.”


After word broke that Democrats had offered voter registration forms to refugees who can not legally vote, Republican State Sen. John Murante wants something to be done immediately.

Via US News & World Report:

A leading Nebraska lawmaker demanded “corrective action” from the state Democratic Party on Monday after learning that party officials included voter registration forms in welcome baskets for refugees, a move that has drawn intense criticism and death threats.

Republican State Sen. John Murante called on the Nebraska Democratic Party to provide county election officials with a list of basket recipients and to notify recipients that they are ineligible to vote because they are not U.S. citizens.

“Corrective action needs to be taken immediately,” Murante said during a news conference at the Capitol. “… We have an obligation to ensure that only citizens of this state are registered to vote.”

Aside from the voter registration forms, the gift baskets also included baby formula, dishes, and other necessities.

Kleeb said the voter forms were simply there to ‘familiarize refugees with the registration process and signal that the party welcomes them to the state.’

Of course!


In all, roughly 50 of these baskets went out just prior to primaries in April and general elections in May for various city offices.

Nebraska Republican Party Chairman Dan Welch wasn’t buying the ‘we were just showing them how things work’ story either, calling the Democrat party’s actions “baffling.”

“These actions demonstrate one of two things: either malicious intent to register non-citizens to vote in Nebraska, or a lack of understanding of refugees being ineligible to vote,” Welch said in a statement.

Do you think Democrats slipped voter registration forms in the refugee gift baskets on purpose? Share your thoughts with us below.

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