In what must have been a bitter-tasting admission, NBC’s Chuck Todd proclaimed that the expansion of Republican seats in the House was so massive that, even if Hillary were to somehow win a Presidential election in a landslide, Democrats would still not have a chance of regaining control until 2022 at the earliest.

Watch Todd’s take below …

Todd:  … most Republicans serving in the House of Representatives since 1928.  What this does, it basically is a firewall for the next President.  Let’s say Hillary Clinton is the nominee and she has a resounding victory of some sort.  It is really hard to imagine how Democrats could win the House, even with some sort of Hillary Clinton landslide.  So this really secures the House Republican majority for the rest of this decade.  Not until 2022 at the earliest will you see Democrats have a chance of winning the house.

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I would imagine Todd and most of the NBC crew went home on Election night and did this to console themselves …

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Here’s a fun little flashback with Todd’s prediction in mind.

Former Democrat strategist James Carville authored a book in 2009 titled, 40 More Years: How the Democrats Will Rule the Next Generation, in which he explained that Republicans “should be in agony” and “throwing up” over the likelihood that Democrats would control government for the next four decades.

Watch Carville and the ladies of the View get all giddy about the prospect of Democrat ruleat this link.  It’s worth it to sit back, enjoy a laugh, and wonder if Democrats should now be the ones “in agony” and “throwing up.”

Share your thoughts below – Was Republican victory so massive this past Election that they could control the House for another decade?

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