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Navy Commander Who Launched Missiles Into Syria May Surprise You

One of the naval commanders behind the Tomahawk missile strike into Syria is Commander Andria Slough, a decorated naval officer aboard the USS Porter.

Everything about this story has to leave liberals clutching their little pink hats, wondering how this could have happened.

We have a tough, swift military response to the Syrian chemical attacks, a president who showed a spine by pushing back against a red line drawn by his weak-kneed predecessor, and a female commander carrying out the mission under a Commander-in-Chief who is supposedly anti-woman.

They have to be beside themselves.

Assad – but especially the radical Muslims of ISIS who despise women and treat them like slaves – are going to be equally furious!


Via TheBlaze:

She persisted.

Typically, those two words put together are used by liberals to describe women who are “oppressed” by Republicans, such as Hillary Clinton and Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.). But on Saturday, conservatives on Twitter used the moniker to describe Navy Commander Andria Slough, who fired half of the tomahawk missiles that hit a Syrian air base early Friday morning.

Commander Slough is the commanding officer on the USS Porter, one of the naval destroyers stationed in the eastern Mediterranean Sea that fired the missiles last week. The other ship was the USS Ross.

Slough has been the recipient of numerous awards, including the Pacific Fleet Shiphandler of the Year award and the Defense Meritorious Service Medal.

Our colleague Alexa writes, “Slough literally embodies the meaning of girl power!”

Indeed, she is the exact opposite of what liberals like to portray women as – especially under a president they frequently paint as misogynistic. She is the opposite of what top liberal women represent, such as Hillary Clinton, who expected to shatter a glass ceiling this past election cycle only to lose and blame it on sexist American voters.

In fact, conservatives took the opportunity to celebrate this badass woman by mocking a favorite phrase on the left, ‘she persisted.’ The phrase has risen to prominence after Mitch McConnell used it in citing why he had to shut down unhinged Senator Elizabeth Warren when she disrupted a debate over Trump’s Attorney General Jeff Sessions with a typical temper tantrum.

Social media users showed people exactly what it means to persist as a woman, praising Slough for her efforts.


Exactly. America is proud to have a strong woman like you at the helm. We thank you, as does your President:


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Rusty Weiss

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