Nancy Pelosi Blames Trump for Coronavirus Deaths: ‘His Denial at the Beginning Was Deadly’

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who was busy impeaching Trump when coronavirus came to America, accuses the President of getting people killed.

nancy pelosi coronavirus


And safe. I know your home district of San Francisco has been particularly hard hit. President Trump is considering relaxing federal guidelines for Coronavirus for some of the less affected parts of the country. Do you think he should?

>> First let me say how sad it is that even since the president’s signing of the bill, the number of deaths reported has doubled from 1,000 to 2,000 in our country. This is such a very, very sad time for us. So we should be taking every precaution. The president, his denial at the beginning, was deadly. His delaying of getting equipment to where it — his continued delay in getting equipment to where it’s needed is deadly. Now the best thing to do would be to prevent more loss of life rather than open things up, because we just don’t know. We have to have testing, testing, testing. That’s what we said from the start, before we can evaluate what the nature of it is in some of these other regions as well. I don’t know what the purpose of that is. I don’t know what the scientists are saying to him. I don’t know what the scientists said to him, when did this president know about this, and what did he know? What did he know and when did he know it? That’s for an after-action review. But as the president fiddles, people are dying. We just have to take every precaution.

>> Speaker Pelosi, when you say the president’s denial was deadly, he obviously downplayed the risks of Coronavirus for several weeks and it wasn’t until I think about two weeks ago that he started acknowledging the gravity of the crisis. Are you saying his downplaying ultimately cost American lives?

>> Yes, I am. I’m saying that. Because when he made — the other day, when he was signing the bill, he said, just think, 20 days ago everything was great. No, everything wasn’t great. We had nearly 500 cases and 17 deaths already. And in that 20 days, because we weren’t prepared, we now have 2,000 deaths and 100,000 cases. So again, we really want to work in a unifying way to get the job done here. But we cannot continue to allow him to continue to make these underestimates of what is actually happening here. This is such a tragedy, and we don’t even know the magnitude of it because we do not have the adequate testing. Our first bill was about testing, testing, testing. The second bill was about masks, masks, masks. Of course both of them were about addressing the emergency. We still don’t have adequate testing. And we still don’t have the personal protective equipment. And I thank you all for calling attention to the needs of our health care workers and other First Responders who are risking their own lives to save lives. So again, let’s review later what we should have done when. Now let’s stop doing the same thing, which is to deny and to delay, and instead to get what we need for the states so they can meet the needs of the hospitals, to our health care workers, who are our heroes, our First Responders and the rest so that they have what they need, so, again, they don’t risk their lives while trying to save other lives. nancy pelosi coronavirus

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