MyPillow’s Mike Lindell on Being Attacked By Jim Acosta, MSM: ‘Are They Really that Evil?’


Days. And My Pillow among those devoting 75% of production to make 50,000 masks a day. To distribute them out by this Friday, joining us, the CEO of My Pillow, Mike Lindell, a grade great American out any reserve. Great to have you Mike. Thank you for your work you are doing for healthcare workers.

>> Thank you, Lou. We didn’t hesitate. I have always been about helping people. All our employees, we got it done in three Tim once we decided to did all in almost 200 thousand square feet, I did my due diligence, withs vice president, administration office they told me where to go with coalition and learn the specs ofs masks. Other employees were getting everything ready, and others making it safe for workers to come in every day, check them at door, they wear gloves and masks and hand sanitizers. It is just, and then I got other companies involved that have to. It has been — been about a blessing from God to be able to be in a position, to Pivot that quick. Lou: And it wonder. You mentioned God, you have The Bible written large behind you, I suspect around you, people of Fait turn to Chris Hayes, in— intrepid host on MSNBC.

>> I personally can’t help but feel the daily session bad for the country. Even dangerous from a public health perspectives.

>> Seems crazy, that you have the My Pillow guy up there talking about reading The Bible.

>> Wow.

Lou: The pillow guy talk about reading The Bible.

>> I heard Acosta attack me too, he was just 10 feet away from me, this is — I said Mr. President, you do these press conferences, I have friends on the left, said Mike, you be I’m not a big fan of President Trump, but God bless him, he is doing an amazing job, these are real people that are seeing now, that this president has been the best man in charge for such a time as this just those newscastsers, we know who they are, CNN what they did to me, I am sorry a put on a me hope to country that God gave us grace in November of 2016, a nation that turned its back on God, right now we’re part of this big revival, we is go get back in with family and bibles and everyone pray this great administration to make decisions to get us through this. You know. I — I am appalled by the journalists that I see. I used to think that, they are not that evil, yes, they are. Lou: It is — you know so nice to hear words spoken by a man of faith. To hear your passion. For the lord’s word. And I just, I have to be honest, I am petty center, I am rebelling this thoughts about the left, across the country as they heard your words here. Having a fit. So.

>> They are having a fit. I want to say something too. I went to the White House for a round table events, I didn’t be I would be speaking. I was at White House for 5 1/2 hours, and get to hear first hand how you know like — Democrat governor asked for help, this would have taken 8 months our president, he knows how to take shortcuts, he said we’ll do it in one day, fda did, boom, done, I said, it goes that old doctorate, you do want the best doctor that you particularly don’t like that is best surgeon in the world or doctor that you like but does not know how to do surgery, this is where we are, people see why the press conferences who are president is, his heart is to help. He has a gift, is he takes a problem, he listens and takes in information and comes up with a solution, God has given him a gift. And I tell you, I feel a lot more secure having been at the White House and hearing that stuff.

>> I truly believe most Americans people far more secure having this president in the White House than they would any other American. I think that will be tested against in November. I know that this president has a very good vision of the future, I think it share by most importance as well. Mike Lindell, you are great to be here, we appreciate it we look forward to seeing you here again soon, thank you, Mike.

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