We all know Elizabeth Warren isn’t an honest woman. After all, the entire advancement of her career was based on a lie that she is a Native American minority.

Still, even with a woman willing to stoop so low as to fabricate her heritage, we were taken aback by just how swiftly she can lie – almost in a single breath.

In an interview with Charlie Rose, Warren said she ‘doesn’t call Donald Trump names,’ and then a scant 20 seconds later pointedly tells the audience that the Republican nominee “is a thin-skinned, racist bully.”

Thin-skinned. Racist. Bully.

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Three names. 20 seconds.

That is remarkable. Warren says she doesn’t call Trump names, mocks him for calling people names, then immediately calls him three separate and distinct names!

So what’s worse than saying she doesn’t call him names and then afterwards doing so? How about calling him names before making that claim too?

Warren refers to Trump as a “bully” twice, a perfect 20 seconds before she says she doesn’t name call.

“He is a bully, first, last and in between,” she claimed.


For visual effect, we created this handy timeline to show the epic hypocrisy in Warren’s words:



With that kind of 20-second lie rate, it can reasonably be assumed that during her recent 20 minute speech to the DNC, she told 60 lies.

That’s a rough estimate.

Anyhow, here is a transcript of the segment between Warren and Rose …

ROSE: “When you campaigned with Hillary Clinton, she said she loved the fact that you get under his skin.”

WARREN: “Yep.”

ROSE: “How is that you do that and is that going to be the role that you’ll play in this campaign, to get under the skin of Donald Trump?”

WARREN: “So, look, Donald trump is a bully.”

ROSE: “A bully?”

WARREN: “He is a bully, first, last and in between. And the only way to deal with a bully is stand right up to him and when they punch you, you punch him right back.”

ROSE: “Do you want to punch him when he says Pocahontas?”

WARREN: “You know, at this point, you just want to say, come on. Is that it? I talk about Donald Trump and I don’t call him names, that’s not the point. I talk about his policies. I talk about what he’s done to people. I talk about what he says about what he wants to do with this country. And all he can do is he wants to call names. That’s — that’s it for Donald Trump. He is a thin-skinned, racist bully, and he will never be president of the United States.”

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