Good.  Lord.

Pray for our nation.

This was outside of a Romney campaign event in Cleveland, Ohio.  Is it any wonder Obama is leading in this state herunterladen?  New York look good by comparison.

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Via Twitchy:

Did you get all that historische wetterdaten kostenlos? Obama must be “in president” because he bestows free phones on food stamp recipients, and “Romney sucks” because he doesn’t.  That shifty Romney, with all his crazy ideas about people having to earn money to buy their own phones … We’re gonna go out on a limb and suggest that this woman’s priorities are seriously out-of-whack saw spiel pc kostenlos downloaden.

By the way, this is what Mitt was referring to in that secret 47% video.  Should he be worrying about trying to change this persons mind fotoalbum kostenlos herunterladen?

Obama – the entitlement President.