“… because it is always easier to do the easy thing. You know, that sounds like a no brainer. But when you look at the kind of people running for president, no brainers are a good thing now. (Laughter) And I do want to warn, since most people here are Christians and I’m serious about this, a true believer does what Jesus did, and still does, but, you know, you don’t make fun of people who are impaired, have special needs. And whether you like her or not, Hillary Clinton has made clear she is mentally impaired. (Laughter and Applause) And this is not somebody you should be making fun of, you know.

So, I get the impression that in law school, and along the way, she’s been very, very smart. But I don’t know, maybe it was the concussion, the fall back when she did, or maybe — who knows, you know, they won’t tell us what really is going on with her. But if I were going to smash cell phones, BlackBerrys, I’d use a two-pound sledge that I think that’s the most — well, who knows, maybe somebody got to wailing around and hit her again — (Laughter) — I don’t know, but — but we need to be praying for Hillary Clinton. There’s special needs there, there’s mental impairment. (Laughter) And — I mean, seriously, she can’t remember, and I made the mistake, I got that stupid song in my head, that Rush Limbaugh used to play, and it was to the tune ‘Try to Remember,’ and it is Hillary Clinton say, ‘I don’t remember, my brain’s in a blender.’ (Laughter)

And — so, anyway, earlier this week when I was on ‘Fox & Friends,’ that stupid line came back and so it ends up being a headline, you know, that I said Hillary’s brain is in a blender. (Laughter) But, anyway — but that was not a proper thing to say, because, again, I’m making fun of the mentally impaired and that’s not right.” (Laughter)

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