Murder Victim’s Daughter Not Thrilled About Cuomo’s College For Cons Plan

Surprisingly, Shannon Williams is not thrilled that her tax money could fund a college education for the men who mudered her father 14 years ago, under Governor Cuomo’s proposed college for cons program.  Williams father, David Hall, was killed in a Utica bar over $200.

The idea of two men who shot her father in the face when she was 20-years old getting a free college education, while members of her own family are saddled with over $60,000 in student loan debt seems unfair.

Via CBS 6:

David Hall was shot in the face while working at a Utica bar in 1999. The two men convicted were just 17 years-old, said Williams. To hear that they one day could receive a free college education, paid for by Williams and here family, upsets her.

“I don’t think that is fair.” Williams said.

Williams’ family still lives in the Utica area, including her younger sister who has over $60,000 of student loan debt even though she can not find a job.

Governor Cuomo unveiled his plan, to have taxpayers foot the bill for eligible prisoners, last week. He did not give an exact cost to taxpayers or outline the criteria the inmates must meet.

Watch below…

Criminals are really starting to rack up the benefits in New York these days. Aside from the free college education, Governor Cuomo is pushing for taxpayer funded Medicaid for ex-cons, and prisoners are being urged to sign up for free healthcare through Obamacare.

The “Kids Before Cons!” petition can be signed here…

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