Mulvaney Schools Maxine Waters on Separation of Powers, She Cuts Him Off with ‘Reclaiming My Time’


WATERS: “All right. Yes or no; were you an original co-sponsor of H.R. 3118, a bill introduced in the last Congress by Rep. Ratcliffe to fully and completely repeal the Consumer Bureau?”

MULVANEY: “It wouldn’t surprise me if I was, but I don’t remember the bill by that number.”

WATERS: “So what do you think those of us who have the responsibility for implementing Dodd-Frank and being public policymakers that we’re supposed to be about someone who now is sitting in a position that really happens to be sitting in illegally to begin with, why —‎why should we think that you’re not there to destroy the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau?”

MULVANEY: “Actually with respect congresswoman I would suggest that I’m the one responsible for implementing Dodd-Frank not you; you’re responsible for passing legislation and then the executive branch implements it. I have not burnt the place down, despite what you may have heard about what I was going to do when I’ve gotten there. I think that we have 10 fewer people working there now than the on the day I took over, and that’s out of 1627 people. We continue —“

WATERS: “Reclaiming my time.”

MULVANEY: “— to enforce the law.”

WATERS: “Let me just say to you that you couldn’t implement a thing unless, first of all, there was legislation that was passed to deal with what you’re doing, and secondly, that we have the responsibility for oversight for your implementation. So I want you to understand the relationship.”

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