Multiple Lawsuits Filed Against Democrat Who Sexually Harassed Employees

Democrat Assemblyman Dennis Gabryszak and his enablers in government are facing the loss of tens of millions of dollars pending multiple lawsuits filed by six former aides who were sexually harassed.

Gabryszak eventually quit after video surfaced of him “engaged in a sex act in a bathroom stall.”  He has been married for 37 years and has two children.

Via the Times Union:

Claiming 20 causes of actions each, six former aides to former Assemblyman Dennis Gabryszak filed suit in state court on Thursday seeking tens of millions of dollars on claims of being the victims of sexual harassment, according to their attorneys. A story about the claims, and that coming from a seventh alleged victim of Gabryszak’s workplace actions, appeared in the Times Union on Thursday.

The filings in state Supreme Court in Erie County make claims against Gabryszak, a Democrat from Depew, his former chief of staff Adam Locher, Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, the Assembly and the State of New York.

We’ve covered Gabryszak many indiscretions here, including this wonderful laundry list of notable events:

  • Offered a female employee a $100,000 position if she moved away from her fiance.
  • Sent a video of himself either simulating receiving oral sex, or actually receiving oral sex.
  • Hung “sexually charged photographs” in his government office.
  • Claimed if prostitutes were to unionize, he’d never be able to afford their services.
  • Was forbidden from having interns in his office.


One of Gabryszak’s victims claimed that she saw Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver cover up previous cases of abuse so often, that she originally did not report the abuse.  Hence, Silver’s presence on the lawsuit.

Silver has created an atmosphere in the Assembly in which perpetual sexual harassment is ignored and allowed to flourish.

He has, on multiple occasions, used taxpayer money to cover up sexual harassment and/or assault complaints against Democrat lawmakers or their staff throughout his career.  The Vito Lopez case was a prime recent example, in which an ethics committee found that earlier payoffs enabled Lopez to continue his reprehensible actions.  So why wouldn’t somebody like Gabryszak think it’s perfectly acceptable to harass his staffers?

Lopez, Kellner, Boxley … the list goes on.  If this were a Republican epidemic, their careers would be over after the first instance. But it is a Democrat epidemic, an epidemic that should stop with Silver or Cuomo.

Until focus is cast on Speaker Silver, the War on Women will continue unabated.

Silver has consistently swept sexual harassment complaints under the rug, has continually used taxpayer funds to placate victims, and by extension has allowed these unprofessional and abhorrent behaviors to be perpetrated upon other victims.  He has proven willing to sacrifice ethics for his allies in government.

He is a panderer to predators, and must resign.

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