difference between the two men.

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Let me show our viewers how the White House dodged questions about John McCain today. Let’s watch.

Does she still have a job?

I’m not going to comment on an internal staff meeting.

Does the White House not think you need to condemn these remarks or comments —

Again, I’m not going to validate a leak one way or the other out of an internal staff meeting.

Why not apologize to senator McCain?

Again, I’m not going to get into a back and forth because, you know, people want to create issues of leaked staff —

Does Kelly Sadler still work in this White House?


Does he bear responsibility for the tone in this white House?

HUCKABEE SANDERS: “The president as I mentioned just a moment ago supports all Americans. If you look at what he’s doing every single day, he’s showing up to work. He’s working hard to make this country better. Whether it’s through building our economy, creating jobs, defeating ISIS, fixing our judiciary system, helping with the illegal immigration problems we have, the president is addressing a number of issues. That is what our focus is. That is what we are doing here every day and that is what the president has I think laid out very clearly what his interests are.”


WALLACE: “Kristen Welker, how do you resist the temptation to run up and wring her neck? Why can’t she just said if a staffer said that, we’re going to get to the bottom of it and she’ll be fired?”

WELKER: “I think a lot of people were surprised, Nicolle, because there was an anticipation that she would have something to say. There have now been so many reports, including ours confirming the account. Reporters, including myself who have spoken to people who heard Kelly Sadler make these remarks, and so I think there was an anticipation that the white House would at least have comments similar to at least the statement that they put out overnight when they praised John McCain. Instead Sarah Sanders took a step back from that and said she wasn’t going to comment on this situation at all and so you saw the attempts there to sort of try to get at it from a much broader perspective. And then to try to nail down the facts of what actually happened, I asked her repeatedly if our sources are lying to us. She ignored that question outright. So, it is a very striking tactic that the White House is taking. They clearly are hoping this will help turn the page, will help it to go away. But, Nicolle, as you’ve been discussing it does shine a light on the tone and culture within this White House, within Washington right now and within our politics more broadly, Nicolle.”