MSNBC’s Chris Matthews, O’Donnell Falsely Claim Trump ‘Collaborating’ With Russia to Steal Election

It’s Groundhog Day once again in the media, as far-left MSNBC hosts Chris Matthews and Lawrence O’Donnell are spreading misinformation by suggesting President Trump is “collaborating” with Russia to steal the election.

The ambiguously lame duo pushed the allegations during their respective programs Thursday, a response to a New York Times report that House lawmakers were warned that Russia was once trying to meddle in the election as a means “to try to get President Trump re-elected.”

Matthews and O’Donnell made an incredibly weak leap in logic by suggesting this means the President is working with the Russians.

First up was Matthews who apparently got a thrill up his leg by reading the NYT story.

NewsBusters reports that in watching Hardball, they witnessed the following:

In the show’s first 27 minutes, the narrative was that, without citing direct evidence, President Trump was a “wannabe dictator” “collaborating with the Soviets” to carry out “Russian attacks on our democracy” with an assist from “a complicit, compliant, lick-spittle Republican Congress” acting like “hosts of Russia Today.”

Could not load the poll.

Lunatics @HardballChris, pals on @NYTimes item: ‘Dictator’ Trump is ‘collaborating with the Soviets’ to ‘attack’ 2020

— JimmyB ?? (@MOTT7) February 21, 2020


Tingles is Rabid trump russia

Phew! That is a whole lot of stupid to pack into one 27-minute timespan. But pack it in, Matthews and his guests did.

“It’s all happening again … It’s official,” Matthews spat, reporting on something that is not official and not happening again. “Russia has endorsed the re-election of President Donald Trump who is trying desperately to keep that matter secret.”

Congressman Hakeem Jeffries (D-NY) interjected, calling Trump an “out of control President” and “wannabe dictator with authoritarian tendencies.”

Matthews then collected himself and rationally analyzed the report.

Just kidding, he followed that effort by asking which Republican lawmakers “might speak up against the President for apparently if not collaborating with the Soviets, with the Russians again, the former Soviet KGB director, Mr. Putin.”


Trump Is a Russian Operative?

Not to be outdone in the idiot Olympics, Lawrence O’Donnell told his viewers that the Times report proves President Trump is working with Russia.

“The president is a Russian operative,” he claimed. “That sounds like the description of a bad Hollywood screenplay, but it is real.”

O’Donnell, who’s delivery and cadence is what you might expect if somebody put Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on Masterpiece Theater (creating the illusion he is smart while saying dumb things), explained why the report was so damning in his mind.

“It is Vladimir Putin’s greatest achievement, decades after America’s victory in the Cold War and collapse of the Soviet Union, the president of the United States is now helping the president of Russia help the president of the United States to get re-elected,” he alleged.

Even CNN’s Jake Tapper reported on a national security official who contradicts MSNBC’s blatantly false reporting.

“What’s been articulated in the news is that the intelligence community has concluded that the Russians are trying to help Trump again. But the intelligence doesn’t say that,” the official said according to Tapper.

2/ “What’s been articulated in the news is that the intelligence community has concluded that the Russians are trying to help Trump again. But the intelligence doesn’t say that,” the official says…

— Jake Tapper (@jaketapper) February 21, 2020


Former Representative Trey Gowdy on Thursday added one obvious reaction to the Times reporting that seems to have escaped both O’Donnell and Matthews.

“I don’t know anyone who really thinks that Russia prefers Donald Trump to win over Comrade Sanders,” Gowdy said. “I don’t know a soul that really thinks Russia wants Donald Trump to be the president instead of the guy that honeymooned in Russia.”

Mr. Gowdy, meet Tingles and Barney to his Fred Flintstone, O’Donnell. They’ve certainly proven themselves gullible enough to believe what they’re selling.

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