>> And what’s interesting I thought about professor Turley’s argument, remember he was called by Republicans, the other three were called by Democrats, was not that President Trump should not be impeached, he was talking, again, about the process. That you still had more to prove and maybe he should be impeached but we’re not there yet is what he said.

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>> This is about — we’re about where we were during the Clinton impeachment.

>> Yeah.

>> And if you take the Republicans’ argument that Democrats have been, you know, moving towards impeachment from the time he got elected, I mean, we’re three years in. So —

>> How much time do you need.

>> Peter Baker says this will be a record fast impeachment but it depends how you count it. The Clinton it was 72 days after an inquiry. It’s been 71 days since Pelosi had the inquiry and they’ve been pursuing impeachment since the day Trump was inaugurated in that sense we’re 1,088 days in.

>> The three other witness who’s were there for the Democrats are not alone in making that, no, professor Turley, there’s plenty of evidence already, this isn’t moving too fast, we’ve got what we need to prove high crimes and misdemeanors here.